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HOUSTON, Texas — An autopsy reveals the horrific circumstances that lead to the death of a Houston baby at just 10 weeks old.

According to court records obtained by KTRK, Jazmine Robin was born premature at just 29 weeks. She spent several weeks in the hospital before being released to her parents on July 3, 2018 as a healthy baby.

But just 11 days later, she was brought to the hospital with “clearly inflicted head trauma.”

An autopsy, which was released last month, shows the baby had 96 total fractures, including a skull fracture, 71 rib fractures, and 23 long bone fractures, KTRK reported.

“It makes my heart break,” said Jazmine’s great-grandmother Virginia White. She said she never got a chance to meet her great-granddaughter.

Katharine White

White’s granddaughter, Katharine White, was Jazmine’s mother. She is charged with injury to a child by omission, KTRK reported.

The baby’s father, Jason Robin Jr., is charged with murder.

Jason Robin, Jr.

According to KTRK, about a week before Jazmine’s death, the parents said they had to give her CPR because she stopped breathing. Once she regained consciousness, the parents did not take the baby to the hospital, court records revealed.

A man who lived in the same house as the Robin and White told investigators that he told Robin he needed to take the baby to the hospital but that he refused. A pediatrician who saw Jazmine a few days before her death also advised the parents to take their baby to the hospital, but that they showed “no interest.”

KTRK reported that the couple’s older son has been placed in foster care. A third child that White had since Jazmine’s death is staying with a relative.

As of Monday afternoon, neither Robin nor White had been arrested.