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CARLISLE, Ohio (WDTN) — The Ohio State Highway Patrol confirmed that crews are on the scene of a potential glider aircraft crash in the water of a quarry behind a Carlisle residence.

Several agencies, including the Ohio Department of Natural Resources (ODNR) the Ohio State Highway Patrol were called in to search for wreckage.

No aircraft has been located as of 11 p.m., per an update from authorities.

The search was called off for the night because of the darkness and cold temperatures for the safety of their crews, Carlisle Fire Chief Jeremy Lane said.

“A lengthy search was conducted on the ground and in the water by troopers and our public safety partners from numerous jurisdictions,” OSHP Public Information Officer Ryan Purpura said in a statement Thursday night. “A search was also conducted from the air by a helicopter with the Patrol’s aviation unit. The search, which lasted more than four hours was concluded after nothing was located in the area.”

Lane said search crews will be back out on the water at first light and will utilize sonar and other resources to attempt to locate the aircraft.

According to Carlisle Police Chief Will Rogers, authorities got a call that reported seeing a glider-type aircraft crashing in the water on Central Avenue.

Rogers said there is no reason to believe the report from the witness was a false claim.

“If nothing was there, fine, but if there’s something there, out of respect for whoever that person is, we’re going to do everything we can to see to it, we take the necessary steps,” Rogers said.

A homeowner said that there is a large law enforcement presence behind his property on the 400 block of Central Avenue.

According to local airports, there are no reports of an aircraft taking off and not landing as expected. Lane said at this time there are also no missing persons reports.

Initial reports came in at 6:32 p.m.

“Troopers from the Lebanon Post responded to a possible glider that crashed into a pond near the 300 block of Central Avenue in Carlisle,” OSHP Public Information Officer Ryan Purpura said in a statement following the initial reports. “Troopers and first responders are on scene trying to locate the aircraft.”