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SHEFFIELD LAKE, Ohio (WJW) — A mystery is unfolding in Sheffield Lake. What is causing a series of explosions in the middle of the night?

“I was outside one time and I thought someone had lit off a cannon or something, not really a shotgun, it’s louder than that,” said longtime resident Brian Parsons.

Some of the loud booms have been captured on homeowners’ surveillance cameras.

“Heard the boom, it woke me up, so I come down and asked my son, he said ‘sounded like a shotgun or dynamite,’” said 74-year-old Ed Crevda.

Residents living near the railroad tracks separating Sheffield Lake and Sheffield Village have reported a series of “booms” in recent weeks, that shake their homes, rattle their windows, and sometimes, create bright flashes of light.

Sheffield Lake Mayor Dennis Bring told Fox 8, “the one guy related it to being back in the war during his Navy time, where it actually shook the windows so bad, it was something like a big gun ship. He was scared to death.”

There are any number of theories about what’s causing the noise. Among them, farmers using air cannons to scare animals away from their crops, production at a nearby steel mill, and some residents have even suggested that meteor showers are causing the booms.

“With that large of an explosion, we’re kind of dumbfounded that we have nothing to find there, nobody seems to know what’s going on, which is very puzzling,” said Mayor Bring.

Police in Sheffield Lake and Sheffield Village have been investigating the source of the booms, and believe the most logical cause is the detonation of some type of explosives, like pipe bombs.

“If a pipe bomb causes that massive of an explosion, somebody is going to get hurt or killed,” said Mayor Bring.

Authorities are concerned that the explosions could be more than just teenage mischief.

“Is there anything else in their mind of why they would be doing this, are they testing, you know, to do something more, asked Mayor Bring. “I don’t know, that is the scary part.”

Anyone with information about the source of the explosions is asked to call Sheffield Lake Police.

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