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VALLEY VIEW, Ohio- The investigation continues into a large disturbance outside the Cinemark Theater in Valley View on Friday night, that spilled over into neighboring restaurants.

Valley View police said they will review video and witness statements, before deciding if any charges will be filed.

But Cleveland attorney Ian Friedman is among those who believe the incident was staged, as was a similar fight at Beachwood Place last week.

Friedman, who was on his way to the theater in Valley View, heard about the disturbance and saw that video of the incident had already been posted online, and was posted by the same person who posted video from the incident in Beachwood. “It was planned here; there’s no question about it. You don’t get 300 kids in one place to fight and call it coincidence, but they’re doing this for attention. The second this fight happens, they’re putting it online to get acknowledgement and praise from others and that’s a very scary sign for the future,” said Friedman.

Friedman, who is also a professor at Cleveland Marshall College of Law, said the disturbances are part of a disturbing trend, and are designed to create fear and chaos. “Citizens don’t feel safe. Here we’re trying to get Cleveland back.  Yet now people are scared to go to the mall; they’re scared to go to the movie theaters, so any Clevelander, any Ohioan should be concerned. Number one, number two, as a lawyer we see footage capturing the breaking of the law,” said Friedman.

Friedman said he’s hoping authorities can prove the violent episodes were the result of a criminal conspiracy, that could have grave consequences if it’s not stopped. “Not only, however, do you have to worry about the participants who went into it voluntarily, you also have to worry about the people who are there when these fights break out, someone is going to be there and feel the need to protect their families,” he said.

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