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AKRON, Ohio (WJW) – Chris Sedlock says having his restaurant covered in plywood is not ideal.

“There are so many other great options in the area so it’s like, why deal with maybe coming into some trouble downtown?” said Sedlock.

Right now, Sedlock is taking the “safe not sorry” approach to protecting his downtown Akron property, The Daily Pressed.

Sedlock doesn’t want a repeat of what happened to his shop during last year’s civil unrest, following the death of Jayland Walker.

“We did have about five or six windows bashed through,” said Sedlock.

As a grand jury decided whether or not to charge the eight Akron officers involved in Walker’s death, Sedlock went to work boarding up his restaurant.

“I am ready to move on. We have a new patio here. We just want to showcase that and move forward,” said Sedlock.

However, moving forward isn’t an option for Sedlock at the moment.

On April 17, the grand jury decided against charging any of the officers involved. Almost every day since, people have taken to the streets of downtown Akron to protest.

Sedlock just wants to know from city officials when it will be OK to take down the plywood covering his restaurant. Until then, they are keeping up the protection.

“We don’t feel comfortable taking the down boarding because we are at our own risk,” said Sedlock.