PONCHATOULA, La. (WJW / AP) – At least seven people have died and about 30 others were injured in multiple vehicle pileups in Louisiana due to fog on Monday morning.

Local news earlier reported that a “Superfog mix of dense fog and smoke from marsh fires created hazardous road conditions” and led to many car pileups going both directions on Interstate 55 near Ponchatoula.

Hundreds of vehicles were involved in at least 25 crashes, local news reported. 

According to Louisiana State Police, multiple roads were closed in the area while troopers responded to the scene.

According to police, there was heavy fog on the roads and smoke from nearby marsh fires that caused poor visibility.

Video footage from Lance Scott shows one of the pileups on I-55. Scott said people were stuck on the highway bridge until after noon on Monday.

“Check on your people,” Watkins is heard saying. “It’s hot. I can feel it from here.”

Gov. John Bel Edwards issued a call for blood donors and asked for prayers “for those hurt and killed.”

As of Monday afternoon, state troopers were still working “to notify families, investigate the exact causes of the crashes” and coordinate with the state’s transportation department to have the bridge inspected.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.