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GALESBURG, Michigan—State police say at least one person has died in a series of crashes involving roughly 150 vehicles on both sides of Interstate 94 in southwestern Michigan.

Lt. Rick Pazder says many vehicles are on fire, including at least two semi-trucks carrying fireworks and other hazardous materials.

**See video of the fireworks explosion from WXMI above**

The crashes are located between mile markers 88 and 92 in eastern Kalamazoo County, near Galesburg. Authorities are blaming snow, wind and poor visibility in the crash.

Police first said 90 vehicles were involved, then no more than 70. But Pazder says a better count now puts the number around 150, with a majority in westbound lanes.

He says a trucker from Ottawa, Canada, died, and an unknown number of people are injured.

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(Credit: WXMI Fox 17)
(Credit: WXMI Fox 17)