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WARRENSVILLE HEIGHTS, Ohio — Warrensville Heights Mayor Brad Sellers, who is 7 feet tall, says Guinness got it wrong when it named a New Yorker the world’s tallest politician.

That title went to New York Councilman Robert Cornegy, who is 6 feet 10 inches tall, which is tall, but not as tall as Sellers.

He plans to make sure Guinness gets it right.

Sellers, who played at Ohio State and in the NBA, said he started getting texts and emails early Wednesday morning, urging him to right the wrong, and that’s the plan.

“They tell us there’s a whole process you have to go through: an application, three different measurements. We didn’t know it was that serious, right? But, now that we know, folks around here just want us to apply, and go through the process. We’ll probably do that.”

Sellers said he’s just having fun with all of this and he doesn’t want to detract from the councilman whose message to kids is “it’s okay to be different.”

But, he believes the title of world’s tallest politician belongs right in Northeast Ohio… so stay tuned.