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CLEVELAND (WJW) — Despite the prevalence of hurricanes, alligators and high humidity, the residents of Ohio would most likely prefer to live in the Sunshine State if given the chance, a new poll found.

Family Destinations Guide recently reported in its 2023 Relocation Aspirations poll — after speaking to a little more then 3,100 people across the nation — that the residents of at least 16 states overwhelmingly said they’d prefer to live in Florida instead, proving that Ohioans are not alone.

Some states thought outside the box, however, with Californians saying they’d like to like in New York, and North Dakotans saying they’d rather live in New Jersey. Oregonians said they’d live in Hawaii and the good folks in Florida said they’d give Colorado a try.

This falls in line with the findings from Stacker last year, which found that not only do some Ohioans dream about the move, a lot actually made the leap.

In 2019, more than 30,000 residents headed down to Florida. It was the most common state people moved to that year by far, with Kentucky at a distance second — 13,309 residents moving.

The same aspirational poll also asked residents where they’d prefer to live outside of the country. For the Buckeye State, those polled answered in the opposite direction of Florida: Canada.