ASHLAND, Ohio (WJW) – He may have joined the Ashland University wrestling team late in the season, but you can never say Nathan Godsey isn’t a hard worker.

In fact, he works a full-time teaching job, is a full-time student and a full-time dad. At 35, he’s probably the oldest college wrestler on any campus.

“I felt like wrestling had more to give me and I had more to give to the sport.” Godsey said.

This all started when Nathan had a conversation with Ashland Wrestling Coach Colt Sponseller

Nathan is a full-time student at the university where he’s working on a second undergrad degree. He was a pretty good college wrestler 15 years ago but missed a year of wrestling and, under NCAA rules, was still eligible to wrestle for one more year.

There just so happened to be a vacancy at Nathan’s weight class.

“He’s been involved in the community and with wrestling for a while and I heard only good things and the more and more I got to know him as a person, I was like, hey, let’s give this guy a chance” Coach Sponseller said.

Nathan has risen to that second chance at wrestling thanks to tons of support, especially from his wife and family.

He hasn’t won a match yet, but his experience and work ethic to balance a teaching career, college, athletics and a family is proving to set a great example for everyone around him.

“He’s doing all these things and still coming in and putting the workouts through and going through the exact same thing that our guys are going through, and I think that’s a huge impact on our team.” Sponseller said.

“Many of my students, the first thing that comes out of their mouth is ‘how did you wrestle, coach? How’d you do, teach?” Godsey said. “Any positive reinforcement to get folks to chase their dream and help them be just a little bit better, it’s worth its weight in gold.”

With about four meets left in the schedule, Nathan is looking forward to every minute he spends with the team and wrestling in his final year.

He currently coaches wrestling and hopes this late life experience will help him guide future wrestlers and his math students as they take on difficulties in life.

“It was an opportunity in my life that I couldn’t pass up and felt like I would have regrets if I didn’t try, no matter what happened.” Godsey said.

Godsey says his wife is awesome and she’s been his biggest supporter and fan. He says he hopes this experience will make him a better wrestling coach and better teacher.