DAYTON, Ohio (WDTN) — A family was reunited with their furry friend after she went missing 10 years ago.

A dog named Abby was recently found in really heartbreaking conditions. According to the Montgomery County Animal Resource Center, she could barely stand or walk.

The shelter discovered Abby had a microchip, scanned it and contacted the family, which had not seen the dog in 10 years. When the family came to pick Abby up, she became exuberant.

Since Abby returned to her owners, it is reported that she is doing very well and is happy.

“Abby’s mama reports she’s gained a whopping 16 pounds since coming home and loves playing with her family and going on walks, despite everything she’s been through,” reads a statement from the center.

If you have a pet, you are encouraged to get your pet microchipped. The center is offering the service for $10 through Friday, Sept. 22. Appointments aren’t necessary. Microchipping your pet takes only a few minutes to complete.

For additional information, contact the center at 937-898-4457.