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CLEVELAND (WJW) — Dating is challenging.

First you have to find someone you like. Then you (at least initially) need to leave your house to meet up. You follow up and hope they like you back and eventually, become exclusive. Make it past all of these pitfalls, and then perhaps the worst happens: you find out they’re cheating or just generally bad people.

That’s where the Facebook group called “Are We Dating The Same Guy? | Cleveland / Akron / Canton” comes into play.

The group, which is specifically designed as a safe space for women who mostly date men, was set up to keep others informed about who they’re working with.

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“This group is not about hating men,” the Facebook group description stipulates. “This group is about protecting and empowering women.”

There are more than 7,000 members in the private group right now, but new people can simply request to join.

These same kind of Facebook groups can be found around the country, not only in the greater Cleveland area.

Find out more about joining this group and its strict rules right here.