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FINLAND (WJW) —  People in Finland are happy. They’re the happiest people on the planet, the latest World Happiness Report found.

Put together annually by the United Nations Sustainable Development Solutions Network, the report has named the Nordic country as the place people are most happy the last six years in a row — based on factors like health, generosity and income.

And now Visit Finland is inviting 10 lucky people who don’t live in their country to come there for free this June. Offering a four-day masterclass in how to find your inner-Finn, the organization is paying for travel to the all-inclusive Kuru Resort and only has a few stipulations.

You me be willing to come with an open mind, must be OK being filmed during the event and must be able to speak some English.

“Finnish happiness is a skill. A skill that can be taught. Now we want to share our secrets to leading a balanced life on the quirky side,” Visit Finland explained on its site.

Those who are interested in applying can start the process right here. After completing a social media challenge, winners will be notified in May. There are plans to stream the masterclasses at some point for those who can’t attend in person.