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CLYDE, Ohio– Another multimillion dollar lawsuit has been filed against Whirlpool Corporation in Toledo. The plaintiffs are the relatives of children who died within a cancer cluster in eastern Sandusky County.

The lawsuit, filed on Tuesday, is giving us more insight into the potential cause of the so-called “cancer clusters” in Clyde, Ohio. This is the second class-action lawsuit regarding the controversial issue filed this year; at least 35 children in a 6.7 mile radius are affected.

The most recent lawsuit, filed in U.S. District Court in Toledo, alleges whirlpool dumped toxins at the now-closed Whirlpool Park near green springs, and that cancer causing materials were found in high levels at other sites it alleges whirlpool used to dump materials.

The 29 plaintiffs have all been outspoken about the cancer cluster; two of the families had children who died of cancer. The plaintiffs also claiming others have also developed cancer or other diseases or are mentally disabled.

In another $750 million class action suit still pending against Whirlpool, attorneys allege toxins at Whirlpool Park are the cause of the cancer cluster and that Whirlpool knowingly dumped them.

Whirlpool is responding to the allegations in the following statement sent to FOX 8 which reads, “We are aware of the filing and we are evaluating these new allegations.  We will vigorously defend Whirlpool, its employees, and the community against these allegations. Whirlpool has been part of the fabric of the Clyde community for more than 60 years and we remain committed to acting responsibly.”

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