CLEVELAND (WJW) – Another driver barreled into a home on a Cleveland street that’s been continuously plagued by crashes over the years.

Homeowners told FOX 8 the vehicle packed with at least six people came down the I-90 East exit ramp on the wet pavement Sunday evening. That’s when homeowners say the driver lost control and hit the corner of the foundation.

There were no reported injuries.

The off-ramp ends in a perpendicular T-stop on West Boulevard, directly across from the homes that were built long before the ramp.

As FOX 8 previously reported, speeding vehicles have missed the turn and crashed into the properties many times over the past decades.

”That’s 44 guardrails, four porches and three cars wrecked in the backyard for me,” Sherry Heart, whose house has been hit many times, told FOX 8 last month.

The city installed barricades to help protect the residents and their properties, but their driveways remain open.

Also, residents recently shared their frustrations after learning that the Ohio Department of Transportation’s proposal to install a median island in the area was delayed.