(WJW) – We know being a Cleveland Browns’ football fan can be stressful, but new research finds that the Browns’ fan base is also among the “angriest.”

The research from Gambling.com focuses on the short window of time when free agents are looking to sign with a new team.

The website notes the “free agent window” can be a turbulent time in the NFL season and often creates debate among fans with some fans being more upset than others.

To find out which fans are the angriest about the moves their team is making, the website says they analyzed the negative and angry reactions to every NFL team’s social media posts since the first free agency move took place.

Here is what they found:

  • The Minnesota Vikings have the angriest fans in the NFL about free agency moves with 20% of the reactions and posts being negative or angry.
  • Cincinnati Bengals and Baltimore Ravens fans rank as second and third angriest fans.
  • Cleveland Browns fans come in at No. 7 on the list with about 12% of reactions being negative.

On the other hand, the research found that San Francisco 49er fans are the most positive in the league.

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