(WJW) – A Connecticut fisherman has set a new state catch record.

Aiden Cole reeled in a 36-inch, 25.78-pound Tautog.

Also known as Blackfish, the big catch has been affectionately dubbed “Taugzilla.”
Cole says he used green crab as bait during a fishing trip on Connecticut’s Thames River in a fishing expedition a few weeks ago.

“Coveted among marine anglers, tautog are hard fighting, tough on tackle, and excellent on the table,” Connecticut Fish and Wildlife wrote with pictures of the record catch.

After the fish was measured and weighed, it was released back into the water.

Ironically, Cole caught the fish while on a boat with Captain Luke Wiggins, who held the state record for Tautog before Cole’s catch.

Wiggins set the previous record in 2020 with a 32.5-inch and 24-pounder.