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COLUMBIA STATION, Ohio (WJW) — Joe Hama has no problem admitting that his three French bulldogs have made becoming an empty nester easier.

“Yeah, they do. They are a part of my family. Like I told you yesterday, they are like my kids,” said Hama.

The Hama family says they receive packages on daily basis. Every time, the delivery driver is met with at least one of the three Hama family dogs.

The encounter has always gone well. That is, until this past weekend. 

“The outcome could have been horrifying, so thinking about what could have happened does make me frustrated,” said Hama.

On Saturday morning, the Hama family’s Ring camera captured an encounter that has left them frustrated.

The video shows a delivery driver dropping off a package to their home but is then chased back into his car by one of their bulldogs.

Hama admits his dog should not have acted the way it did.

“I think on our part, we learned we need to change our ways,” Hama said.

But what happened next is also behavior Hama wants to see change.

Instead of backing out of the driveway and leaving, this driver did the exact opposite. Hama believes this driver had intended to hit his dog.

“If I was to talk to the driver, I’d say I get it. You can be frustrated, but you have to be able to step back from the situation.”

On Monday, Hama says his family received several apologies from Amazon’s staff.

The family emphasized that they do not want to see this driver lose his job.  They just want him to learn from this situation like they have.

“Absolutely. It was a learning lesson for the both of us,” said Hama.

Amazon released the following statement to FOX 8:

“We’re glad the dogs are unharmed and reached out to the customer to apologize and let them know we’re investigating the incident.”