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John Unger cradles his dog, Schoep, in Lake Superior. (Photo Credit: Hannah Stonehouse Hudson/

If your best friend was sick, how far would you go to help them?

Not far enough, if your name is John Unger.

A picture featuring the Wisconsin resident and his 19-year-old dog, Schoep, has captured the hearts of the social media world.

It was posted August 1 on Facebook by photographer Hannah Stonehouse Hudson and has since received nearly 300,000 “likes.”

Here’s how Stonehouse Hudson described the image:

“This 19 year old Shep being cradled in his father’s arms last night in Lake Superior. Shep falls asleep every night when he is carried into the lake. The buoyancy of the water soothes his arthritic bones. Lake Superior is very warm right now, so the temp of the water is perfect. I was so happy I got to capture this moment for John. By the way, John rescued Shep as an 8 month old puppy, and he’s been by his side through many adventures :).”

The support for the touching twosome has been unmeasurable; so much so, that according to Stonehouse Hudson, an anonymous donor has paid for laser treatments at Schoep’s animal hospital.

If a picture is worth a thousand words, the image of John and his beloved Schoep could make you lose count.

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