(WJW) – The moment the Moon briefly passed directly between Earth and the Sun was documented by solar eclipse enthusiasts around the world.

The partial solar eclipse that took place on the morning of Tuesday, October 25, was visible in Europe, North Africa, the Middle East, and parts of Asia.

This video captured by Mike White in Oxfordshire in England shows this somewhat rare event.

The Royal Astronomical Society said the eclipse would look as though the moon was “taking a bite out of the edge of the sun.”

According to NASA, a solar eclipse happens when the Moon passes directly between the Sun and Earth. When the Moon completely blocks the Sun, it is called a total solar eclipse but, when the Moon only blocks part of the Sun it is called a partial eclipse.

Below are other photographs of the October 25, 2022 partial eclipse from around the world.

Here in Northeast Ohio, we experienced a partial solar eclipse in June 2021. You can see local photos, here.

In 2024, a total solar eclipse will take place in Ohio skies.

The eclipse on April 8, 2024 will cut a swath across the U.S. from Lake Erie at Avon Lake all through Ohio and all the way down to San Antonio, Texas.