[Editor’s Note: In the video player above you can get a peek at the Cleveland Metropark Zoo’s newest baby gorilla.]

AKRON, Ohio (WJW) – If you visit the Akron Zoo this month, you’ll want to keep your eyes peeled.

Credit: Akron Zoo

Hiding somewhere in the zoo is a Golden Paw. Visitors are challenged to find the sticker and whoever spots it first will win a free Grizzly Bear Get Close Experience.

Zoo officials shared news of the Golden Paw search on the Akron Zoo Facebook page.

They explain in the post, that one Golden Paw will be hidden each week during the month of August. If you find the paw, take it to the Welcome Center to redeem the prize in the form of a gift certificate.

The Grizzly Bear Get Close Experience will be open to the lucky winner and three friends.

Credit: Akron Zoo

But, before you begin searching zoo officials have a few rules to pass along. According to the Guests must stay on public pathways at all times, the Golden Paw is not hidden in any animal habitat, or in any staff work area.

You can learn more, here.

Good luck and have fun!