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AKRON, OH – An Akron woman has been found guilty of vandalism for trashing her supervisor’s office with glitter, crazy string and toilet paper.

Samantha Lockhart, 25, was employed by the Summit County Fiscal Office. She resigned from her job in January, but on what would have been her last day at work, she called off sick. Later that day, she and another person entered the office after business hours. They used Lockhart’s swipe card to get in.   The two were carrying a bag and a carton of toilet paper.

Later, the cubicle belonging to her supervisor was found covered in toilet paper, crazy string and glitter. An unknown white powder got in to the computers, printers and scanner.The victim’s file cabinet containing personal files was also opened, and there was damage to her sweaters and personal pictures of family. The powder was in and on the victim’s coffee cup as well.

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On Friday, Lockhart was found guilty in connection with all that damage. She will be sentenced on the fifth degree felony charge of vandalism in November.