AKRON, Ohio (WJW) — The Akron Police Department is asking for the public’s help in tracking down thieves who broke into an ATM machine last week.

As seen in the video above, two hooded suspects were spotted stealing from an ATM on the 600 block of West Market Street on July 25. The pair rolled up to the ATM in an SUV and proceeded to try and open the machine with a crowbar.

Akron Police detectives, who later watched the surveillance video, noted that the thieves appeared to be experienced.

“You don’t see them rapid looking around and overly concerned about who may or may not be within eyesight of what they’re attempting to do, so to that extent they seem to be pretty committed, and they don’t seem to be in any particular hurry while they’re doing it, which kind of underscores the brazen nature of it,” said Lt. Mike Miller.

The crooks are eventually able to pry open the front of the ATM, and even when they discover they still can’t get to the cash, they don’t give up, which again tells investigators they have done this before.

“You know it takes all of that planning, you’ve got to have the right vehicle, you’ve to have the right tools, things of that nature,” said Lt. Miller.

Investigators say after failing to get the cash from the machine on their first attempt, the thieves tried to remove the entire machine.

“They attached some type of chain or rope [from the SUV] to the device and try to remove it or extract it and jumped to the third chapter of their particular playbook, because that’s basically a very common technique. We believe that is the technique they used in this case,” he said.

The damage done by the thieves knocked the machine out of commission and it still has not been repaired. Investigators believe the same two men may have used some of the same techniques, when they tried to steal cash from an ATM at an Acme store on March 18.

Those with any information are asked to reach out to Akron police at 330-375-2464 or 330-375-2TIP. Those who wish to remain anonymous can also text TIPSCO to Summit County Crimestoppers at 274637 (CRIMES).