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AKRON, Ohio — A five-year veteran of the Akron Police Department, who the chief had already recommended be dismissed from the force, was formally charged with assault on Thursday.

Tito Corral, 33, had been suspended because of a 2011 incident in which he was found guilty of unlawful restraint against his girlfriend.

Then on Thursday, he was charged in connection with an altercation outside of a bar on Hilbish Avenue on Feb. 20.

According to the Akron Police Department, Corral punched a 28-year-old male who fell to the ground and struck his head.

The victim was taken to a local hospital for treatment then released.

Police Union President Paul Hlynsky, Jr., said the union stands behind Corral and that he should not have been charged since he was defending himself and fellow officers.

The City of Akron is weighing its options on how to proceed with the intended termination in light of the new charge.