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AKRON, Ohio (WJW) – The Akron Police Department has been barred from using force on peaceful protestors, following a recent lawsuit. This ruling came down late Friday night and could impact future protests in the city.

A federal judge ruled that the department cannot use force, including chemical agents and projectiles, on peaceful protestors in the future. The judge stated that the use of such force would violate protestors’ constitutional rights.

The ruling came after police used tear gas and pepper spray to disperse a group of people who were peacefully protesting in Akron last week. They were gathering to protest a grand jury decision not to indict 8 officers in the death of Jayland Walker.

Akron police chief Steve Mylett said they’re protecting citizens in a statement this weekend.

“Moving forward, our goal is the same as it’s always been to work collaboratively and protect their right to protest,” he said.

The order is in effect for 2 weeks.