AKRON (WJW) — A man was arrested Friday morning after Akron police were called for reports of a suspicious person in a vehicle.

Police said they arrived at the 100 block of Furnace Street around 11 a.m., confirming what a caller had said, that the suspect had an active arrest warrant and had guns inside the vehicle. The man, who police identified as 40-year-old Walter Kirkland, also reportedly had his 2-year-old child inside the vehicle with him.

Police arrested Kirkland and searched the vehicle, finding the following items:

  • CZ Scorpion mini-assault rifle
  • Glock 9mm handgun, with 50-round drum magazine
  • Small amount of marijuana

The handgun was reportedly modified to be fully automatic, which the suspect said he was aware of.

The suspect was arrested on weapons charges and put in Summit County Jail.