AKRON, Ohio (WJW) – Akron police have released hours of officer body camera video from an August incident, during which a local man has publicly stated he was taken behind the Lebron James I-Promise school and beaten and bloodied by police.

The videos show numerous officers responding to a call about a fight with weapons in the Highland Square Community on August 28.

There, officers tried to convince the crowd to back off and go home.

Some in the crowd shouted obscenities at officers and flashed obscene hand gestures while the officers told them repeatedly, “If you don’t leave you, will be arrested.”

They were also warned that if they did not disburse, they would be pepper sprayed.

At one point, an officer was seen in the videos using pepper spray.

Shortly afterward, 34-year-old Tyrone Brown was seen running from the officers with them chasing him.  

He was tasered and fell to the ground. He was placed in handcuffs and escorted to a police car where was he put in a back seat.

The sequential videos next showed officers driving him to a parking lot at the school where they rendezvoused with medics who assessed his injuries, looking also for any injury that may have been left by the taser probes.

During the unedited videos, the conversation between Brown and the medics was calm and and although Brown at times was not responsive to the officers, their interaction with him was respectful.

After paramedics completed their assessment, the car door was closed and Brown was driven to a local hospital.

The patrol car door was once again opened and the officer explained they were at a hospital and calmly asked Brown if he could exit the car.

“Tyrone, we are at the hospital. I need you to walk for me, though. Tyrone, come on, come on. We’re at the hospital,” the officer calmly instructed.

Brown complained that his handcuffs were hurting his left hand so the officer adjusted the cuffs once he was out of the car.

The handcuffs were adjusted and Brown was escorted into the hospital, helped into a wheelchair and wheeled by an officer into a treatment room where the video was blurred for privacy but the audio continued.

“I appreciate the conversation we are having right now. Man, we are talking cool,” said an officer during an interview with Brown. He explained that an injury to his lip did not happen when he fell as he was being tasered.

He complained about the officers’ conduct during his arrest at Highland Square.

“Did they choke you, strangle you, kneel on you or anything like that?” the officer asked.

“They kneeled on me,” Brown answered.

“When they were trying to handcuff you?’ the officer asked.

“Yeah, but I put my hands right behind my back. I did not resist,” said Brown.

“I know everything that’s going on. You know what I mean? I don’t have a problem with you guys,” Brown calmly said later.

“Do you have a problem with us now?” the officer asked.

“No, sir. No,” answered Brown.

Responding to public statements, Akron Police Chief Steve Mylett on Friday said the accusations are taken very seriously and investigated.

But the video released to FOX 8 News on Wednesday support the chief’s assertion that any claims that Brown was taken behind the I-Promise school and beaten up were a complete lie.

“Our officers went above and beyond to demonstrate their professionalism with this individual and for anybody to report that this person was abused by the Akron Police Department, it’s reckless. It’s irresponsible, especially given the time period that we are in right now where there’s heightened tensions in the city. This does nothing but exploit what happened in June to further whatever the motivations are,” said Mylett.