AKRON, Ohio (WJW) — With Akron Mayor Dan Horrigan not running for reelection, the city is guaranteed a brand new mayor come November.

But first, seven Democratic candidates (there are no Republicans) had to be whittled down in Tuesday’s primary election.

Now the results are in, and Shammas Malik, a 31-year-old first-term Akron councilman, took more than 43% of the vote.

He went up against the following candidates: Tara Mosley; Marco Somerville; Jeff Wilhite; Mark Greer; Joshua Schaffer and Keith Mills.

The candidates previously debated local issues multiple times, as seen below:

Check out the Akron mayoral race results below:

Akron’s current mayor offered his congratulations, issuing the following statement:

“I congratulate Shammas Malik on his win to serve as Akron’s 63rd Mayor,” Horrigan said. “My administration is committed to setting our next Mayor up for success by offering a smooth transition as we get closer to 2024. The work for me and my team has never stopped, and we will continue to work hard for Akron just as we always have.”