AKRON, Ohio (WJW) — Akron Children’s Hospital now has reinforcements in the fight to brighten its patients’ days.

Thanks to the efforts of Lyndee’s Costume Closet, a non-profit created to bring smiles to kids in hospitals, Akron Children’s now has a nearly a dozen movie and comic book character costumes on-hand for any occasion.

Founder Amanda Adey produced the idea after having to find a costume in a flash while working at Akron Children’s. She thought it would be a good idea to have some on-hand ready for action. Her daughter Lyndee is who the non-profit is named after.

“We call Akron Children’s sort of our first family apartment,” Adey said. “We spent our first three months after she was born at Akron Children’s and she is still a frequent flyer there, although she is a very health, 10-year-old fourth-grader.”

Adey said the interactions her daughter had made a huge impact on her morale while in the hospital and she knows it’s beneficial to others going through tough times.

“They really care, and by doing those extra things it makes the kids and the families feel better when they do have to be in the hospital,” she said. “We’re hoping that this experience can be one of those special touch points to help people’s experiences.”

Different staff members from Akron Children’s take turns stepping into the costumes to interact with the children. Nurse Practitioner John Baldridge got to dress up as Batman for the first time on Thursday.

“What kid doesn’t love superheroes,” Baldridge said. “I started here 15 years ago wearing superhero T-shirts and now, as a nurse practitioner, I still wear T-shirts. I love it. I love talking to the kids about superheroes. The fact that we’re doing this now is just awesome.”

The Adeys’ efforts are powered by donations from the public. Right now, the short-term goal is to keep a full stock of costumes at Akron Children’s, but Adey is hopeful they can begin working across Northeast Ohio.

“While this is a really small thing, I know that this is really impactful in the moment,” Adey said. “And so, I’m just grateful that we’ve seen so much support and positive response that we can put this together and have this as a resource at the hospital and hopefully build upon that and expand.”

For more information on Lyndee’s Costume Closet, including how to donate, follow this link to the website.