OHIO (WJW) – Do you have an inground private pool and would like to make a little extra money? Maybe you don’t have a pool but would like a “local getaway” for a day. Swimply is the perfect app for you!

Swimply is a website and app that lets pool owners rent out their swimming pools to visitors. Many pools are even listed in Northeast Ohio ranging in price from around $25-$100 per hour.

But how does it work? 

Guests looking for a pool to enjoy can simply look up a pool by location and date. After finding the right price and amenities for you, simply book the pool for you and your family to enjoy.

Pool owners can sign up on Swimply.com or by using the Swimply app to create a listing. Listings include pictures, a description and any other amenities available such as pool chairs and restroom access.

Pool owners also upload important information to confirm their identity, including contact information, their date of birth, email, phone number and a valid government ID. That information is then confirmed by a Swimply employee, according to the Swimply website.

According to the Swimply website, background checks are also run to make sure “bad actors” are blocked from using Swimply.

According to Swimply, for pool guests, it is important to keep safety in mind when using Swimply and visiting a private pool.

Swimply says it is important to learn to swim before entering a host’s pool. Those who cannot swim should wear US Coast Guard-approved life jackets.

For more information about pool safety, click here.

Swimply has pool listings all throughout the country and, according to the website, will soon also give users the ability to rent out tennis and pickleball courts as well.