WINTERVILLE, Ga. (WJW) – Officials in Georgia are searching for a bobcat that attacked two children.

According to Oglethorpe County Fire and Rescue, the children were attacked Friday evening.

The children, a boy and a girl, were playing outside when they were attacked in separate incidents at homes less than a quarter-mile away from one another, Oglethorpe spokesperson Cody Gibbs told USA Today.

Gibbs said that attacks took place within 15 to 30 minutes of each other.

Officials warned the public on social media.

“On Friday, October 6th at approximately 6:30PM, an aggressive bobcat on two different properties attacked juveniles…If you live in that area, we ask you to be mindful of your surroundings and to please keep a close eye on your children when they are outside.”

One woman said the little girl attacked was her granddaughter.

“Thank you to everyone that came out to take care of my granddaughter when it happened,” Anita Mansfield Scoggins wrote on social media.

“It was a horrible, terrifying ordeal.”

The little girl was bitten and scratched, but otherwise had non-life-threatening injuries, according to Gibbs.

“Regarding the boy being attacked, we heard about it while we were on scene with the female victim,” Gibbs said.

His condition is not known.

Officials don’t know if the animal is rabid. The bobcat is still on the loose.

Law enforcement in the area said two dogs were also attacked.