AKRON, Ohio (WJW) – Ohio Attorney General Dave Yost is calling for the Akron community to have patience with the BCI’s investigation into the police officer shooting of Jayland Walker.

“We all want the truth,” Yost said in a video message. ‘When BCI is called upon to investigate an officer’s use of force, our role is to provide an expert, impartial, third-party review – independent of the police and other outside voices.”

Officers involved in the fatal shooting on June 27 are in the process of individually being questioned by BCI investigators.

The City of Akron has previously revealed that eight officers were directly involved in the shooting during which dozens of rounds were fired at Walker as he fled from police.

Yost said the work involved in any officer-involved shooting investigation is extensive and the public shouldn’t come to conclusions from partial facts.

“When the investigation is complete, and the case is adjudicated, we will be fully transparent,” Yost said. “This case file will be available to the public on the web as soon as we are legally allowed to share it.”

Once the BCI’s investigation is done, it will be presented to a grand jury to review and determine if any of the officers involved in the deadly shooting should face charges.