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MENTOR, Ohio (WJW) — Lake Humane Society (LHS) is slashing its adult dog adoption fees through the end of July.

Those looking to bring a new family member (ages 1 and over) into their lives are being asked to pay $60 plus a $20.75 dog license fee.

The humane society recently released a statement about four of the dogs currently in its care, including Bo Bo, Spike, Snickers and Zeus, as seen in the photos below.

Bo Bo, a 4-year-old boy, is the society’s longest residing dog. He came to the society in May and has reportedly been through a lot. Spike was given up by his previous owners, but has the potential to be a loyal companion, LHS said.

Snickers was found tied up at a construction site, but LHS said the 1-year-old girl is hopeful and happy. Zeus, was also found abandoned, but in a cellar. He had cracked teeth from the experience, but the 4-year-old is called a gentle giant by LHS.

“We know these pups didn’t deserve any of the things they had been through, and we know a new, better life is out there,” Lake Humane Society said in a statement.

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