GEAUGA COUNTY, Ohio (WJW) — A 25-year-old woman who nearly died recently met the Geauga County Sheriff’s Office dispatcher who helped save her life.

Madison “Maddi” Zwahlen was with her fiancé Kyle Root Saturday night when she began suffering a severe asthma attack.

Several breathing treatments failed, and her trachea was closing as she asked Kyle to call 911.

“I just remember the last words I said to him before I lost consciousness were ‘I’m gonna die,’” said Maddi, her eyes welling up with tears.

Twenty-four-year-old Kyle admits he was terrified looking at Maddi.

“She was shaking really badly, she was turning blue, you could see every single vein in her face,” he said.

Geauga County Dispatcher Christina Lamtman took the call and immediately began trying to calm him down; providing EMD Pre-Arrival and CPR instructions.

On the 911 recording you can hear Lamtman say, “I need you to stay calm, she’s going to react the way you’re reacting.”

Lamtman then proceeded to talk Kyle through CPR steps and can be heard counting over the phone with him until paramedics arrived, saving Maddi’s life.

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Maddi’s breathing had entirely stopped.

She woke up the next day on a ventilator at the hospital.

“Her being so strong, being that rock that we needed in that situation is incredible because I wouldn’t be here without her,” said Maddi.

The young couple was so grateful they went to the sheriff’s office Wednesday to thank Lamtman in person; bringing a card and pastries.

It was a first for the veteran dispatcher to actually meet someone on the other line in person.

“It’s like reading a book and the last chapter is missing, you have no idea what happened, did that person make it, you have no idea,  so when you hear the ending, and it’s a good one, it’s super rewarding,” said Lamtman.

Although Christina says she was just doing her job, both Maddi and Kyle call her their hero.

“Absolute gratitude,” said Kyle. “She saved the love of my life.”