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BRUNSWICK, Ohio — It’s just days away from the election and a voter in Medina County had her absentee ballot returned to sender, marked as having an insufficient address. But, the woman sent her ballot in the envelope provided by the Medina County Board of Elections and the postage was right.

“ It was the third week in October, I mailed by ballot, because I remember I did my bills,” said Janice Thieman, of Brunswick.

However, Thieman got an unexpected surprise in her mailbox Friday morning.

“My ballot on here, it says return to sender. Insufficient address, unable to forward,” said Thieman.

The ballot returned in the very envelope provided by the Board of Elections and she had the correct postage.

In order for Thieman’s ballot to count, it must be postmarked by the day before the election.

“Everybody deserves a vote. I’m assuming mostly elderly people and handicapped people mail these in. And that isn’t right. This is government. How can the address be wrong when it’s their envelope?” said Thieman.

The director of the board of elections said this has never happened before.

“After talking with the voter, we contacted the Post Office. We were told to ask the voter to take her ballot to the closest Post Office, ask them for a penalty envelope and place her ballot into it for mailing. The Post Office will make sure her ballot is sent to the Medina County Board of Elections and will investigate the matter,” said Carol A. Lawler, Director, in a statement Friday.

“My concern is how about the older people that can’t drive or have a car to get up there. My vote would go uncounted and this is very important to me. I’m a senior citizen and my vote counts,” said Thieman.