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(Photo Credit: Fremont Ohio Police Department)

FREMONT, Ohio — Two police officers in Fremont went above and beyond the call of duty Friday as it “rained cats and dogs.”

A post on the Fremont Ohio Police Department Facebook page shows a photo of one of them in his bare feet trying to unclog grates and drains to get water moving on the road.

The Facebook post says: 

“Good evening Fremont! As you all know its been raining “cats and dogs” out there today. And we know that with heavy rains we get road closures especially with the leaves everywhere. Well, Sgt Scully and Officer Cashen are out there in their BARE FEET trying to unclog grates and drains to get that water moving off the roadway. If that’s not dedication to public safety right there! Please drive safely today Fremont and be cautious of any water on the roadways! Thank you Sgt Scully and Officer Cashen for going above and beyond instead of just simply closing the road. #FPDproud — with Dean A. Bliss.”