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PARMA, Ohio — Going above and beyond to protect and serve sometimes applies to more than human begins. For the Parma Police Department, it means giving a bird some extra special protection.

The City of Parma says a mourning dove created a nest at the base of the windshield on a police car.  There are two eggs in the nest. The bird, who they nicknamed Gerty, has been there about a week.

Officers are making sure the bird isn’t disturbed, even adding an umbrella to keep the animal dry.

The officers even went so far as to dig in the mud  for worms to feed her. She also has a water cup.

“Our officers are human beings just like anyone else. We care for all lives human and animal so the officers took a carrier to this bird, which they nicknamed Gerty, is taken care of and can take care of her young in the cruiser,”  Lt. Kevin Riley of the Parma Police Department said.

The bird is not preventing police from busting bad guys or protecting people. The police car is a back-up cruiser that is not used every day.