PORTAGE COUNTY, Ohio (WJW) – Puppies found on the side of the road in a crate in Ravenna this week are doing better and will soon be placed in foster homes.

Chalan Lowry, executive director with the Portage Animal Protective League, says the puppies are about six weeks old. They were found near Sheetz and the Ravenna High School.

Lowry says when they first were brought to the shelter Tuesday, the pups were thirsty, hungry and filthy. 

They have since been given medical care and appear to be doing great, Lowry said.

She said they APL is seeking people interested in fostering and eventually adopting the puppies. Anyone interested is asked to fill out a form on the Portage Animal Protective League’s website.

APL officials say the person who abandoned the puppies could face criminal charges if they are found.

“It is not legal to abandon a pet,” Lowry said. “If anyone is having issues with their pet, call us. Call a shelter. We will try to help. Do not abandon them.”