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LAS VEGAS (WJW) — For 27 years, one Las Vegas man says he went to work at Burger King and never once called off sick or missed a day.

Thanks to a viral video that hit TikTok, and a subsequent GoFundMe campaign, employee Kevin Ford is now getting recognition for his service beyond what the fast food giant did for him.

In the video posted last year, Ford was gifted by the company a goodie bag of pens, candy, keychains and other knickknacks for his longtime tenure. Despite showing a positive attitude, commenters took issue with how the Harry Reid International Airport Burger King employee was recognized, eventually suggesting to Ford’s daughter to start a GoFundMe.

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“He originally began working at this job as a single father when he gained custody of me and my older sister 27 years ago,” daughter Seryna explained on the GoFundMe account, which, as of Tuesday, raised more than $430,000. “Then as our family grew and he remarried, he continued to work there because of the amazing health insurance that was provided through this employer because it was unionized. This got all four of his daughters through high school and college with full healthcare coverage.”

Since starting the campaign last summer with a goal of $2,700, Seryna told People Magazine she continues to be stunned by how many people, including celebrities like David Spade, have contributed.

“I think people wanted to be a part of something beautiful for once and this is beautiful. It’s a miracle,” Kevin also told People.

Currently, Kevin is still at his job, working toward retirement. The family says the fundraised money is going into his retirement account and toward seeing his grandchildren who live across the country.

“In no way are we asking for money or is he expecting any money but if anyone feels like blessing him he would love to visit his grandchildren,” Seryna said in the GoFundMe.