LAKEWOOD, Ohio (WJW) – It’s been around less than a week and Lakewood’s electric scooter share program is already causing controversy.

A local dentist said the electric scooters are blocking access to his office for his elderly patients.

Lakewood dentist Dr. Greg DeVor’s office has sat on Madison Avenue for almost two decades, but his office sits right in front of an electric scooter station designated in the city’s ‘bicycle-scooter share’ pilot program, which began Monday.

“Tuesday, we see someone with the city of Lakewood out here lining the street. They are boxing the area in and by 8:30 a.m., there are seven scooters that are dropped off here. No warning, no nothing,” said DeVor.

It’s a problem for DeVor because many of his patients are over 65.

“Normally they would be dropped off and picked up right in front of the office. Now they are going around the corner to try and get dropped off, causing a back up. It’s a mess,” said DeVor.

DeVor said after he got numerous complaints from his elderly patients, he contacted the city.

“I was told basically for 30 days, I have suck it up. So this morning, I moved each and every scooter back onto the curb to give my patient’s access to care,” said DeVor.

The city released a statement that reads, in part:

“This pilot program has introduced twelve vehicle stations throughout Lakewood. None of these stations took away any parking spaces. The area noted at the intersection of Wyandotte and Madison has always been marked as ‘no parking,’ and has never been designated by the city as any form of ‘loading’ zone. We will continue to monitor and analyze public feedback during the term of this pilot program.”

Meanwhile, DeVor is calling on residents to voice their complaints about the roll-out of this new initiative.