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CLEVELAND (WJW) – “A bit deflated, but not defeated.” That is what Fox 8’s Tracy McCool shared on Instagram along with a video and message as her husband continues his fight against cancer.

In an Instagram post, Tracy said her husband, John, went in for his bi-weekly treatment last Wednesday. That is when his oncologist told the couple that the chemo he has been on since the summer is doing more harm than good.

The post said, “Although this was upsetting to hear, we still have plenty of hope. John has too much fight left in him to give up. We have been at these crossroads before. John had his hip radiated in November, physical therapy for his lymphedema in his other leg, then another ten rounds of radiation to his neck during the Holidays.”

Tracy said in her post that John has been fighting cancer for more than four years. He has had close to 100 rounds of chemotherapy, radio surgeries and many radiation treatments.

“He has been through a lot. This past month has taken a toll on both of us physically and emotionally. The fact that this man gets up and puts two feet on the ground every day is astonishing! I’m in awe of his intestinal fortitude to live and his fierce fighting spirit. He does it all with a smile on his face,” Tracy said. “We are okay, the kids are okay. We are off to write the next chapter. We hope and pray we will find the right clinical trial to maintain his quality of life and get him the next best thing. Thank you for your prayers, your kind words and for taking the time to follow our story.”

John has been treated at the Cleveland Clinic since his diagnosis in 2018.

We at FOX 8 would like to thank Tracy for everything she does and continue to wish her, John and their family all the best.