EUCLID, Ohio (WJW) – Euclid police are asking for the public’s help in finding the driver who it appears hit a woman on a local interstate and kept going. 

Fortunately, several good Samaritans stopped by to offer assistance, which may have saved her life.

Police have not released the victim’s name, but they tell us at last check, she was in serious condition at University Hospitals in Cleveland. 

Meanwhile, police need help in sorting out who struck her with a vehicle and why they didn’t stop.

“When I looked to the right, I saw a young man. He was vigorously pumping someone’s chest on the ground,” said witness Lache Thomas.

Around 10 p.m. Wednesday, Thomas and her mother were driving home from dinner westbound on Interstate 90 in Euclid. They noticed someone needed help when they turned onto the East 260th Street and Babbitt Road exit.

“We got off this exit and made a loop, trying to turn back around and we pulled up right here on this side where this greenery is and I immediately hopped out of the car and jumped over the median and I ran up to them,” said Thomas.

She immediately dialed 911.

DISPATCHER: “911, what’s the address of your emergency?”

CALLER: “Hi, we are on 90 west towards exit 260th. It’s a woman on the side of the street, I think she got hit by a car.”

Lache’s mother, who walked closer to the victim, also dialed 911, while the man already on scene continued to do CPR.

DISPATCHER: “Until that person start breathing normally, tell them to keep doing CPR.”

CALLER: “Yep, keep doing CPR, like this, look.”

DISPATCHER: “Yep, one, two, three, four, five , six, seven, eight.”

An Ohio Department of Transportation camera shows the moment after first responders arrive on scene. FOX 8 received the video after filing a public records request.

The dispatcher helped the good Samaritans, including Lache’s mother, continue life saving measures until police could take over.

“She wasn’t moving, there was nothing that she was saying, she wasn’t communicating… He was just giving her CPR,” said Thomas.

“She’s being a little responsive. Come on, God. Come on, God,” said Thomas’ mother in the 911 call.

DISPATCHER: “Officer’s right there? Keep doing compressions until he takes over, ma’am. You’re doing amazing, an amazing job.”

“OK, her hand just moved, she’s alive,” said Thomas in the 911 call.

Euclid police are still trying to determine exactly how the woman ended up seriously injured on the side of the interstate. Thomas says she can’t see how someone could hit someone and leave the scene.

“I just hope that the girl who was injured, I hope that she is doing OK and that she’s doing well and I pray for her family,” said Thomas.

Anyone with information about the accident is asked to contact the Euclid Police Department Detective Bureau at 216-289-8505.