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MASSILLON, Ohio – A  Massillon woman got the number one item on her list for her 89th birthday. Evelyn Williams claims to be LeBron James’ biggest fan.   Her room at the Meadow Wind Health Care Center is covered with everything LeBron.

She has been following him since his first days with the Cleveland Cavaliers and remained a fan even when he was with the Miami Heat.

Now, Evelyn is sporting the latest LeBron James shoes. Her family got them for her for her birthday because, “I told them, the only thing I wanted for my birthday was LeBron shoes.  So, they went hunting. They got these and I love ’em and they love ’em, too,” she said.

There is probably only one other present that could top those new shoes.

Evelyn said she would love to meet LeBron. “I’d like to get a hug from him and I’d like to shake his hand and see that smiling face that is forever looking at us,” she said pointing to the life-size poster of LeBron in her room.”

Evelyn has never been to a Cavaliers’ game, but watches on TV.  She said she never misses one minute of the game when LeBron is playing.