OBERLIN, Ohio (WJW) – A local branch of a national non-profit and staff from a nursing home came together to plan an incredible ride for a woman who is on hospice care.

Nora Boardman, now 86, was an avid motorcycle rider in her younger years. The Elyria Fraternal Order of Eagles, motorcyclists and staff at the Welcome Nursing Home wanted to give her one last ride.

Saturday, nursing staff made sure Nora was comfortable as she was strapped into a Harley sidecar for the trip.

Octavia Maynard organized the event.

“Help make this day incredible for Nora!” she said.

Maynard says Nora frequently talks about a Harley 883 she used to own.

The ride was not Nora’s hospice gift of the day, which gives people a chance to experience their perfect day at the end of their lives.

Maynard is part of a bike group and posted word of the event on social media to get different bike clubs to celebrate Nora’s special moment.