(WJW) – Japanese gelato brand Cellato has broken the world record for the most expensive ice cream, according to Guinness World Records.

The premium brand’s Byakuya flavor retails for $6,696 per serving and is made with rare and costly ingredients, including White Truffle from Alba, Italy, that costs $15,192 per kilogram.

The gelato is blended with Parmigiano Reggiano cheese, rice, rice malt, black truffle, cashew nuts, and edible gold leaf.

The product is served in a small glass jar and should be mixed until it is “slightly soft.”

Adventurous ice cream customers who order the flavor will receive a handcrafted metal spoon, and the gelato can be shipped via a frozen flight by Yamato Transport.

The head chef at gastronomy restaurant RiVi in Osaka helped Cellato make the European-Japanese fusion ice cream.