(WJW) – Ohio Governor Mike DeWine announced that $61 million will be going toward 27 road safety projects across the state. 

According to a press release from the governor’s office, the funding comes from the Ohio Department of Transportation Safety Improvement Program. 

“Safe roadways are essential to connecting people and businesses across Ohio,” DeWine said in the release. “With the investments made in these projects, we will help save countless lives on Ohio’s roads.”

The new projects include installing Restricted Crossing U-Turns (RCUTs), sidewalks and 17 new roundabouts.

According to the release, roundabouts are a proven design to reduce crashes by more than 48 percent and reduce serious injury and deadly crashes by 80 percent when compared to a signalized intersection.

Restricted crossing U-Turns are a proven safety countermeasure to prevent severe crashes at high-speed intersections.

“Our top mission is to ensure that our roadways are built to be as safe as possible. The measures we’re implementing with this program further that mission not only on roadways that ODOT maintains, but those maintained by local partners too,” ODOT Director Jack Marchbanks said, according to the release.

Projects announced in Northeast Ohio:

– RCUT on US-30 at SR-511: $1,735,000 (Construction in fiscal year 2028)
– RCUT on US-30 at County Rd. 2175 and 30A: $1,605,000 (Construction in fiscal year 2028)

– RCUT on US-30 at Fry Rd.: $1,460,000 (Construction in fiscal year 2028)
– Single‐lane roundabout on SR-585 at Apple Creek/Five Points Rd.: $2,001,100 (Constructino in fiscal Year 2027)

– Roundabout on SR-172 at Alabama Ave.: $2,750,000 (Construction in fiscal year 2027)

– Single‐lane roundabout on SR-46 at New Rd.: $2,200,000 (Construction in fiscal year 2027)

– Single‐lane roundabout on US-62 at SR-557: $2,320,600 (Construction in fiscal year 2027)

For a full list of projects planned in Ohio, click here.