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CLEVELAND – A Cleveland dad is furious after he says his six-year-old son with special needs was left alone on a hot bus for more than four hours.

“After an hour and they couldn’t tell me what was going on I started to get extremely worried,” said Trevelle Hargrove. “I couldn’t understand why no one could tell me where my son was.”

The Cleveland Metropolitan School District is investigating how his son Trevelle was left behind. The school bus driver was reassigned and could be terminated pending the outcome of the investigation.

Hargrove says Trevelle fell asleep on the bus and at some point, before he was found began honking the bus horn.

“Honk the horn (makes horn sound) then they saw me jumping,” Trevelle Jr. explaining how he was rescued.

According to a district spokesperson, the child fell asleep on the bus Monday, the first day of school. He attends Joseph Gallagher. The district says he was on the bus for less than an hour. Meanwhile, Hargrove says his son was not safely back at home until 6:30 p.m.

“You have my son’s life in your hands,” said Hargrove. “You can’t just forget to do things this isn’t like a normal job where you forget to put the straw in the bag or you forget to clock in or whatever it is you do at a normal job you can’t do that when it comes to kids.”

Cleveland Metropolitan Schools chief communications officer Roseann Canfora released the following statement to Fox 8.

“Drivers are trained to follow strict protocols for inspecting every seat at the beginning and end of their routes, and CMSD has a zero-tolerance for any violation of these safety guidelines.”

Hargrove says his son will not be riding the bus again anytime soon.