PITTSBURGH (AP) — A shooting near a Pittsburgh church where a funeral was being held left six people wounded Friday, including one person who was hospitalized in critical condition.

Police responded to the scene around noon when the city’s gunshot detection system alerted authorities that several shots had been fired in the area. It wasn’t immediately clear how many shooters may have been involved or what type of weapon was used, but authorities said there was “most likely” more than one shooter.

The funeral at the Destiny of Faith Church was for a man who had been killed in a shooting in Pittsburgh earlier this month. The service was being livestreamed, and the video showed several people screaming and ducking for cover as the shots rang out. It wasn’t clear if any of the shots went into the church.

Four of the wounded victims went to a hospital themselves for treatment, while emergency responders transported the other two. One person was listed in critical condition, while the other five were in stable condition. Their names and further information about them was not immediately released.

Authorities said a motive for the shooting remains under investigation, noting that it was “too early” to know if the shooting was related to the funeral. No arrest have been made.