CLEVELAND (WJW) — Workers setting the stage for a flower display like no other. Cleveland Public Library’s Brett Hall will soon be in full bloom for a unique, immersive floral art exhibit called The Archive.

The Archive is the brainchild of world-renowned British artist Rebecca Louise Law.

“My dad’s a gardener, so I said, ‘Can I take some flowers from your garden?’ and it started from there. And I essentially say that I swapped my paints for flowers and my canvass for the space,” Law said.

The Archive is a floor-to-ceiling display, composed of 500,000 delicate flowers, designed to celebrate the beauty of life.

Law said every blossom is suspended on wires, attached to 20-foot beams and arranged in color spectrums, creating a dreamlike effect for visitors.

Some of the natural materials used are more than twenty years old. Many came from artworks made all around the world.

When asked how the flowers are preserved, Law said, “So every single flower is entwined with copper wire and it is put together to last, and then once the installation gets taken down, it gets put into boxes with tissue paper and in a controlled humidity environment.”

The display also includes flowers from Northeast Ohio hospitals, florists and funeral homes.

The creator doesn’t let one petal go to waste, with the help of dozens of local volunteers.

The Archive is the 15th installment of an annual series of temporary artwork at Cleveland Public Library.

Director of Arts & Culture Tiffany Graham Charkosky said, “To me, it’s an overwhelming sense of beauty and magic and I hope people feel and emotional connection to it.”

Law said, “It is about treasuring, you know, treasure yourself, treasure the earth, treasure each other.”

If you are a fan of contemporary art or design or simply appreciate the beauty of nature, it’s an exhibit you don’t want to miss.

The Archive will be on display beginning this Saturday through the Spring of 2024 and will be open Monday through Saturday during library hours.