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NEW YORK — A new survey found that 45% of Americans claim to have worn the same pair of underwear for two days or longer.

Underwear company Tommy John surveyed 1,000 men and women to determine how long they wear and keep their underwear.

Almost half of participants said they had worn the same pair for two days or more, while 13% said they had worn the same pair for a week or more.

The study revealed that 85% of Americans don’t know how long they’ve owned their oldest pair of underwear.

The company states you should swap out your old underwear for a new pair every six months to a year.  However, the study found that 46% of Americans have had the same pair of underwear for one year or longer.

The study added that, over time,  underwear accumulates various types of problematic microorganisms and fungal germs that can increase your susceptibility to certain illnesses, like yeast infections and urinary tract infections, among others.

The study also states that men are 2.5 times as likely as women to wear their underwear for more than a week.

Tommy John advises that you change your underwear daily, replace them routinely and that you keep enough pairs of underwear on hand to last you up to two weeks, specifying that would be 14 pairs in total.

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